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20 April 2018

Money Saving Tips for the Summer

Whilst it is advisable that you undertake practices to save money all year round, it is the case that summer can be a very expensive time with holidays, barbeques, days out and wardrobe updates always in the pipeline. Fortunately, the warmer climate can provide ample opportunities for some great money saving practices which you simply cannot take advantage of during the colder months of winter. 

In an attempt to help you save money this coming summer, we have some tips and tricks for you to try and test. Many of these are very simple and small-scale, but they can make all the difference. The old saying that if you ‘count the pennies and the pounds will grow’ rings very true throughout the summer months.

A bit of extra research and a few minor alterations re likely to create the ideal opportunities for a fun summer with less money troubles. Furthermore, by making sure you are generally more financially efficient, you will be far less likely to fall into a spiral of debt. Hence, you will be less likely to need to look for short term loans online or elsewhere. Also significant is that if you have a history of taking out numerous short term credit arrangements yet need further finance, a payday loan could be better suited to your needs and may help tide you through the summer months, so long as you can repay it in its required timeframe.

Dry your Washing Outside

To help bring down your overall energy bills, consider letting your washing dry outside rather than in a tumble dryer. The sun and the breeze will do the work for you, saving you money on electricity used to heat the dryer in the meantime. For those that are more heavily reliant on short term loans and credit, saving money on your drier and washing could add up to as much as a weekly repayment in some cases.

If you cannot dry your washing outside due to lack of facilities or because your rental property owner will not allow it, you can still use your dryer on a lower heat setting or partially dry your clothes and let them air dry near or out of a window for the rest of the time. Drying your clothes in an energy-efficient manner, is one of many all year-round money saving practices, so it is good to get into the habit.


Taking Advantage of Extended Evenings and Warm Weather

Throughout the colder months, most of us retire to the sofa for an evening of TV, Netflix and other guilty pleasures such as box-sets. However, once the longer and brighter evenings grace us with their presence you should take full advantage of them and all they bring. Cutting down on TV time, electronics and indoor lighting during the evening can save you a fair amount of money which in turn can greatly reduce your electricity bills.

Additionally, simply going out in the sun is not only good for your health, but it is also a free form of entertainment. Go on a walk around a local park, play outdoor sports or simply lay out in the garden with a book or some music and an iced drink. In the winter, going out to see friends or spend quality time with family typically involves paying for the cinema or a restaurant to keep warm when venturing out of the house, but the summer weather (usually) provides you with things to do which are much cheaper or even completely free.

Ditch the Car and Walk

During the summer months, consider walking those shorter distance journeys. Obviously, you cannot ditch your car altogether and no one is expecting you to walk 20 miles for a pint of milk. However, if you put things into perspective, the places you frequent in your local area are likely within walking or perhaps cycling distance.

Not only will this save you petrol money and the general cost of running a car day-to-day, but you will benefit from the exercise, conversations and outdoor enjoyment which you will get from doing this.

Take Out a National Trust Membership

By taking out a National Trust membership, you open up yourself to access to a number of places up and down the country. Whilst you do have to pay for membership, it is very cost effective if used regularly throughout the summer and even all year round. Prices start from £5.75 a month, which is definitely worthwhile if you enjoy regular days out with the family.

Membership for the National Trust is valid for one or two adults and up to five children. Therefore, it is perfect for a big or a small family, and you can even take your own children’s friends on days out. If you are taking a holiday within the UK, holding a membership with the National Trust is often ideal, since National Parks are located in various places.


Cook Outside

By using a stove, AGA or baking in an oven you will be creating a lot of excess heat which has nowhere to escape to and will there for linger in your house making it much warmer than desirable. Consider cooking your evening meals outside at least once a week if possible. This way you can keep the inside of your house cool, making you less likely to use energy consuming fans or air conditioning units.

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